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Learning Consultancy

Our Learning Advisors with over 15 years global experience will talk to you to understand your present business/ performance. They will conduct an Organizational Gap Analysis to understand the root cause of the challenge. We use Quality (Six Sigma) and Performance Gap Analysis tools to conduct the research.


Instructional Design

Instructional designers can help you design curriculum, instruction, and courses that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensure accessibility, and leverage educational technology, including Blackboard. Instructional designers can also share best practices for different course modalities (hybrid, online, asynchronous, etc.), applying pedagogical principles, and overcoming instructional challenges. Schedule 25 minutes or 50 minutes to discuss your curriculum, instruction, or course!


Develop customized eLearning programs

We design an develop creative and hi-tech global learning programs like

- Blended Learning

- Micro Learning

- Simluations

- Flip Classroom


All our programs are based on your needs and are fully customized

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